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CNN’s Van Jones On Donald Trump: ‘You Can’t Polish This Turd’

CNN contributor Van Jones did not hold back when criticizing Republican candidate Donald Trump refusing to say he would accept the outcome of the presidential election.  “This is a very sad night for the country,” Jones said. “You can’t polish this turd. I’m sorry.”  “Technically you cannot polish any turd,” Anderson Cooper shot back. (Technically, […]

CNN’s Corey Lewandowski Reignites Donald Trump’s Long-Debunked ‘Birther’ Conspiracy Theory

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager reignited the long-debunked “birther” conspiracy theory on Tuesday night. Corey Lewandowski, now a CNN analyst/in-house Trump surrogate, suggested that President Barack Obama hadn’t released his Harvard transcripts because they might show he wasn’t a citizen of the United States.  The bizarre claim came after political commentator Angela Rye noted that Trump’s […]