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How To Ride the Motivation Wave and Overcome Distraction By, Daniel DiPiazza

For 20 years, filmmaker Sooyong Park has devoted his life to the study, recording and preservation of the wild Siberian tiger. 2-3 times a year, he leaves his family for months at a time to stay in the frozen forests of Eastern Russia, Manchuria and the Korean Peninsula in hopes of catching a glimpse of […]

A Wandering Mind Isn’t Just A Distraction. It May Be Your Brain’s Default State.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a daydreamer, you probably spend a lot of time in a state of mental wandering ― it’s natural for your mind to drift away from the present moment when you’re in the shower, walking to work or doing the dishes.  In recent years, scientists have been paying a lot more attention […]

Vacation From Distraction: A Temporary Technology Clutter Bust

My family and I went on vacation last week. We decided ahead of time that we wouldn’t bring our computers with us. No tablets either. I had a concern before we left — I wondered what would happen if my creativity started surging through me, and I couldn’t write a story, song, or blog post. […]