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What’s Really Happening In Your Brain When You Multitask

You probably think you have to multitask to accomplish everything on your to-do list and still have a few precious minutes to unwind at the end of the day. But research suggests you’re probably not as good at doing things at once as you might think. In fact, your brain can’t consciously focus on more […]

Happening Today: YouTube Creators Interview President Obama Live from the White House

Watch on YouTube This is a pretty big deal: Each year, the President typically spends the days following a State of the Union address answering questions and elaborating on the plans he's laid out for the year. That can mean interviews with reporters, speeches across the country, or even chatting with folks from their homes. […]

Most Students Completely Clueless About Major Changes Happening In Education

The political bickering surrounding standardized testing has all but drowned out one important group of voices: The students who are actually taking the tests. A report released Tuesday found that most students don’t mind the testing, when they know the purpose and how the results will be used. The report, titled “Make Assessments Matter,” comes […]