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Everyone Argues. Here’s How Persuasive People Do It Differently.

A little arguing here and there can be beneficial, if done right. Wellness Special News Bulletin- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx […]

I Have A Mental Illness And A Gun License. Here’s What I Think Of Gun Reform.

It has to be evidence-based, pragmatic and include a working knowledge of firearms. Healthy Living Special News Bulletin- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American […]

Science Says Men Should Masturbate 21 Times A Month — Here’s Why

Masturbating frequently could significantly reduce a man’s risk of prostate cancer. Healthy Living Special News Bulletin- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx […]

Here’s What Happens To Breast Cancer Diagnoses When Medicaid Is Rolled Back

A study of women in Tennessee offers a glimpse. Healthy Living Special News Bulletin- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service […]

Here’s How Dehydration Can Sneak Up On You

In February 2013, Kim Saffran was on vacation in the Bavarian Alps, where the elevation reaches 6,726 feet. The morning of a family ski trip, she was lightheaded. Thinking she’d caught a stomach bug from her 3-year-old niece, she decided to stay back in the hotel. “I ended up passing out in the hallway,” she said. […]

Here’s Why National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day Should Be Celebrated

April 30th is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, making this a perfect time to expand your family by four furry paws! According to the ASPCA, shelter adoption rates have been steadily rising since 2011, which is great news for animals and humans alike. From more shelters embracing a streamlined open adoption process to foster programs […]

Here’s How Your Money Multiplies When You Contribute To A 401K

When it comes to retirement savings, we’ve all been told that opening a 401(k) is a great place to start. But how does this savings account actually work? We partnered with H&R Block to take the mystery out of your 401(k), so you can feel good about building a strong financial future with every contribution […]

Here’s How Trump Could Make Obamacare Better – Or Worse

It’s President Donald Trump’s health care system now. The question is: What’s he going to do with it? After the collapse of the GOP effort to repeal the Barack Obama administrations’s Affordable Care Act and enact a different set of reforms to the health care system Friday, Trump inherited programs that aren’t going anywhere and […]

The House Health Plan: Here’s How The Numbers Don’t Add Up For The Poor

By Megan Foster Friedman, University of Michigan House Republicans introduced the American Health Care Act (AHCA), their proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare). At a press conference, Speaker Paul Ryan called this bill “an act of mercy.” For the most vulnerable, that characterization is ironic at best. […]

Here’s How Americans Ended Up Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar is the tobacco of the new century, according to investigative science journalist and author Gary Taubes.  With a powerful lobby and a huge consumer base, there are obvious parallels to tobacco, which for decades we didn’t know to be addictive and linked to lung cancer and other diseases. Taubes says sugar is making us […]

Here’s how to make sure anti-Semitic white supremacist Steve Bannon never serves in the White House

The 2016 Presidential Election has not happened yet and there’s still time to prevent Steve Bannon from ever setting up office in The West Wing. The election officially happens on December 19 in the 50 State Capitols across America when The Electoral College votes. And just 36 of the 306 Republican “Electors” can bring Donald […]

If You’re Overwhelmed By The Election, Here’s What You Can Do Now

If the thought of President Trump in the Oval Office has you contemplating a move to Canada, think again. There are other, more healthful things for you to do than give up.  Here are a few positive things you can do right now: Volunteer There are plenty of organizations out there that simply need your […]

Ever Feel Like A Fake? Here’s How To Fix It

This article first appeared on “And now,” said the man, “it’s the moment of truth. You have proven yourself to be quite valuable. How would you feel about a promotion? We want to make you a client manager—a position that will give you great exposure to all upper managers, to some of our most […]

Here’s What Clinton And Trump Were Really Thinking About During The Debate

What was really on the presidential candidates’ minds during the first debate on Monday? Eggs, apparently. “Late Night with Seth Meyers” amusingly imagined the internal monologues of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the GOP’s Donald Trump for a spoof clip posted online Thursday. And it’s no yolk. Over-easy, scrambled, or with a hard inside ― that’s […]

My Best Friend Is 20 Years Older Than Me, Here’s What I’ve Learned

My best friend is a Filipino with kids as old as me. It also doesn’t help that she’s female and I’m male. Now pay attention. I want you to notice what you think about this. I want you to notice what your immediate assumptions are. Do you believe me? Are you not sure? Do you […]

Here’s How You Can Meditate Anytime, Anywhere

There are many misconceptions about meditation that Tibetan Buddhist master Mingyur Rinpoche wants to set straight. The biggest one? You don’t have to quiet your mind for an extended period of time in order to reap the benefits. You have the ability to engage in the practice anytime, anywhere. The key is focusing on what’s happening […]

Don’t Want The Food On Your Plate? Here’s What To Do.

Have you ever sat down to eat a meal, only to realize that you don’t actually want the food that is on your plate? A few months ago, it was 8:00 pm on a Friday night, and I was sitting down to warm egg salad on whole wheat toast. Egg salad is a comforting meal […]

Yes, You Can Train Yourself To Be More Creative. Here’s How.

People often think that creativity is something you’re born with or you’re not. “My sister is the creative one in the family; she goes to art school,” you might hear an accountant say. Advertising agencies even label their departments as such: project managers deal directly with clients, while “creatives” are given the space to write […]

Here’s Why Top Economists Forecast Gloom If Brexit Happens

The possibility that British voters will choose to leave the European Union on Thursday is prompting increasingly dire warnings from top policy makers that the move would be a financial catastrophe for the United Kingdom. Are the doomsday predictions accurate, political fear mongering or something in between? There is no telling exactly what will happen; […]

After Prince’s Tragic Overdose, Here’s What You Need to Know About Fentanyl

The toxicology results from music legend Prince’s tragic death last month are now public, and the media are focusing on what for many is a new word: fentanyl. It appears likely that Prince ingested it and tragically died some time later. So what is fentanyl? Fentanyl is a potent painkiller originally synthesized in the 1960s […]

Here’s How Donald Trump Says He’d Replace Obamacare

WASHINGTON — Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who has vowed to scrap the Affordable Care Act and replace it with “something terrific,” finally provided a rough idea of what he thinks terrific looks like. The bullet points published on the billionaire businessman’s website Wednesday night don’t amount to a detailed plan to overhaul the health care system, […]

Here’s How Cities Should Treat Homeless People During The Super Bowl

In August, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said homeless people would “have to leave the street” during Super Bowl 50, and promised to provide alternative shelter. But as those people are moved out of busy tourist areas, advocates for the homeless say the city could have taken a different approach.  The actual Super Bowl is […]

Here’s How Enormous The Methane Blowout Is In California

LOS ANGELES — The “invisible tsunami” of natural gas that has been spewing from a broken well in the backyard of an affluent Los Angeles suburb has caused illness and losses to businesses, and driven thousands from their homes. With their lives turned upside down for more than three months, residents continue to wait for the […]

I Stopped Watching TV for 30 Days. Here’s What I Learned

Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m addicted to 30-day challenges. If you’ve been keeping up with me for awhile, you know this statement is true, but if you’re new I’ll elaborate. There was the time I stopped eating out for 30 days, or when I challenged myself (way back in the early days of […]

You’ve Probably Heard This Sex Advice Before — But Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention

Couples looking to spice up their sex lives often assume the effort involves some grand overhaul of intimacy and a venture into uncharted territory to have any real impact in the bedroom — not so, says Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus author John Gray. He’s been counseling couples for years in the […]

After Katrina, Here’s How New Orleans Improved Education, Low-Income Housing, Health Care

A decade ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, claiming 1,800 lives and causing unspeakable destruction. But, parenthetically, experts say, the storm gave the reeling city no choice but to hit the restart button on some of its broken systems that were long overdue for repair, including education, low-income housing and health care. Here’s how the […]

Here’s How Music Influences Your Workout, According To Science

Why does it tend to feel like you get a better workout in when you put music to your exercise? It turns out that your favorite gym-time jams may act as natural pain relievers and help you to move faster without you even realizing it. Listening to music while exercising can release feel-good chemicals in the brain — such […]

Here’s What An NFL Veteran Has To Say About Marco Rubio’s Football Skills

So that happened. The road to the 2016 election is paved with good intentions. Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio tried to have fun playing catch in Iowa this week, but ended up taking a kid down. It’s a perfect metaphor for the GOP primary contest to date. Because it was a bad throw. We know […]

Here’s A Really Good Reason To Make Your Kids Watch ‘Sesame Street’

“Sesame Street” may give a lasting educational boost to children who watch it, a new study has found. But that doesn’t mean long-distance learning should replace traditional preschool. A recently released study from Wellesley College economist Phillip B. Levine and University of Maryland economist Melissa Kearney found that watching “Sesame Street” had long-term educational benefits […]

Distracted When You Meditate? Here’s Why You Should Do a Happy Dance

Lately, in my morning meditation sessions, I’ve been doing a mental happy dance every time I notice myself absorbed in and distracted by thought. Huh? Isn’t the goal to focus on my breath and not let my mind run and wander? No, in fact the goal is mindfulness, and guess what: when I notice that […]

Here’s What Elizabeth Warren And The SEC Are Really Fighting About

WASHINGTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) stunned Wall Street this week with a scathing letter to Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White. The letter said White had been soft on high finance felons, but raised eyebrows in the nation’s captial for another reason — publicly accusing White of “misleading” Warren in a private […]

Power Creates Health — Here’s How

There’s an underlying dynamic that can get in the way of health for ourselves and for the world. It’s power. How does power relate to your wellness? Power completely impacts how we make change for ourselves, our families and the world. The power structures that define our health practices come from a Western, industrial, patriarchal […]

Here’s Why You Can’t Remember Anyone’s Name

Meeting someone new and remembering their name is no easy feat for the brain. As a new AsapSCIENCE video explains, remembering people’s jobs and faces isn’t quite as hard. That’s because individual brain cells are fired in response to faces, and finding out what someone does with their time is interesting for the brain. Names, […]

Here’s The Senator Who United Democrats To Block Obama’s Trade Agenda

WASHINGTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has been the public face of the Democratic Party’s feud with President Barack Obama over his trade agenda. But behind the scenes, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) quietly united his party behind a strategy that resulted in a major defeat Tuesday for the president. Brown’s weeks of work came to […]

Think You Don’t Have Allergies? Here’s A Simple Flowchart To Help You

Here’s an all-too-familiar springtime scenario: The sounds of incessant sneezing and coughing echo throughout your office, and the force with which your coworker blows her nose rattles your desk. Peering over the cubicle wall, you see her swollen eyes and ruddy skin. It’s surprising, then, that after offering to find her an antihistamine or two, […]

Here’s The California City That Will Have The Highest Minimum Wage In The Country

By Alex Dobuzinskis May 6 (Reuters) – Emmeryville, a small city in the San Francisco Bay Area, has given initial approval to the nation’s highest minimum wage by setting baseline pay at $ 16 an hour in 2019, with gradual increases leading up to that level. The 5-0 vote on Tuesday by the city council […]

Truck Drivers Can Help Fight Sex Trafficking. Here’s How

Bo Quickel understands the way to stop sex trafficking comes down to simple economics. “I want to end slavery,” he told WLTX News. “So in order to end slavery, I have to focus 100 percent on the demand.” Quickel is the founder of Vigilante Truth, a faith-based nonprofit under Vigilante Truckers that aims to educate […]

Truck Drivers Can Help Fight Sex Trafficking. Here’s How

Bo Quickel understands the way to stop sex trafficking comes down to simple economics. “I want to end slavery,” he told WLTX News. “So in order to end slavery, I have to focus 100 percent on the demand.” Quickel is the founder of Vigilante Truth, a faith-based nonprofit under Vigilante Truckers that aims to educate […]

Roseanne Barr Is Going Blind. Here’s What You Should Know

In an interview last week with The Daily Beast, actress Roseanne Barr revealed that she is slowly going blind. Barr, 62, hasn’t lost her vision yet, but said she suffers from two eye conditions: Macular degeneration and glaucoma. Michigan ophthalmologist Steven A. Shanbom, MD, speaking generally because he has not treated Barr, told CNN why […]

The Average Hipster Employs 27 Slaves Each Day. Here’s How To Change That

Hipsters may value social progress, but their coffee habits say otherwise. That’s according to the team at Made in a Free World (MIAFW), a group dedicated to raising awareness on how consumers support illegal slave operations — often without realizing it — with their purchasing power. According to a statement provided to The Huffington Post, […]

For Or Against Marriage Equality, Here’s What Brought People To The Supreme Court

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of people came to the Supreme Court Tuesday as the nine justices heard arguments in the case widely expected to determine whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. The Huffington Post asked people there to explain why they were for or against same-sex marriage rights. Here are their answers: OPPOSES […]

Mood Tracking is a Chore. Here’s Why I Do it Anyway.

Mood tracking has been a surprise hit for Exist. When we first introduced it, the feature was fairly hacky. If you opt-in, we send you an email at 9pm every night and you can reply with a score for your day from 1-5 (1 being terrible; 5 being perfect) and a note about what happened. […]

Here’s What It Would Look Like If Inspirational Quotes Were Honest, Vol. 2

What is the sound of one hand clicking to unfollow a friend who posts way too many quotes? Ah, the inspirational quote. It’s become social media’s emotional currency. Like that jar of Nutella on your bedside table, quotes on images are fine in moderation. But the more you see them, the more your heart turns […]

Here’s What Your Yoga Instructor Wishes You Would Stop Doing

The benefits of yoga are endless. With a little downward dogging, you can lower your stress levels, decrease your risk of heart disease, maintain a healthy weight and so much more. So if you’re getting your butt to yoga class every week, good for you! But if you’re texting between sun salutations, your instructor might […]

Here’s How To Get Your Pret A Manger Coffee For FREE

Un cafe, mon petit chouchou? The chief executive at sandwich and coffee chain Pret A Manger just revealed how to get your morning buzz or breakfast for free: Just be nice! Clive Schlee told the London Evening Standard that he has started allowing his staff to give out a certain number of free coffee or […]

Co-Worker’s Bad Mood Getting You Down? Here’s What To Do About It

When you’re around happy people, you grow happier yourself — a phenomenon known as emotional contagion, in which you can “catch” the feelings of others. For example, in a landmark 2008 study, researchers from Harvard University and the University of California, San Diego found that hanging out with happy people made the individuals they studied […]

Here’s Why Your Knuckles Crack

Space forms between joints, causing popping sound, scans reveal Daily News SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN!- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community […]

Calling All Jewish Millennials: Here’s How To Host Your Own Passover Seder

Ella Fainaru was a college student at Columbia University, separated from her family in Tel Aviv, Israel, when she realized how much she missed celebrating the Jewish holidays. She missed the traditions, the songs, the food and all that went along with the occasions. Now 26 and studying for a master’s degree in economic development, […]

Here’s How Gratitude Affects The Human Body

“Thank you.” These two little words may not seem exceptional on their own, but they can have an enormous impact on your mental and physical well-being. According to a number of studies, gratitude can actually make you calmer, thinner and overall healthier. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the effect of gratitude […]

Finland’s Schools Are Overhauling The Way They Do Things. Here’s How

Finland’s education system, often held up as an exemplary model for the rest of the world, is on the verge of making some major changes. For years, Finland has led the pack in international test scores, becoming a source of fascination for education policymakers and experts. Now, the country is changing the way it teaches […]

Cubicle Workers: Here’s How to Fight Chronic Pain With Science and Technology

Among employees who spend hours each day in cubicles and offices, pecking away at keyboards, slouching in cheap desk chairs, and squinting at bright screens, chronic pain is incredibly prevalent. And while it can be easy to write off the pain as part of the package, it’s important that you understand the causes of these […]

If Meditating Doesn’t Work For You, Here’s Another Way To Alleviate Stress

Studies show meditation can alleviate stress and reduce anxiety, but some people just can’t get their minds to stop racing. This is especially true for Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint and blogger at Mark’s Daily Apple. As a result, Sisson tried another approach: practicing gratitude. He told HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd that […]

Here’s Yet Another Sober Reminder We’re Not Living In A Post-Racial Society

In Wisconsin, the state with the highest annual African-American unemployment rate, nearly 1 in 5 black people are unemployed. The states with the next highest rates of black unemployment were Nevada (16.1 percent) and Michigan (15.8 percent), according to a new analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data released by the Economic Policy Institute on […]

The Water Crisis Creates A Gender Rights Problem. Here’s Who’s Solving It

Globally, women and girls in developing countries spend an estimated 200 million hours every single day just collecting water in areas where potable water isn’t available locally. It’s an arduous task that leads to debilitating injuries, yet the chore falls on the heads of women and children in 76 percent of households surveyed, according to […]

Here’s The Full Transcript Of Obama’s Interview With HuffPost

President Barack Obama sat down with The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein for an interview on Friday, discussing everything from sequestration, the Iran nuclear talks and presidential pardons, to overtime pay, athletic scholarships and sleep. Below is the full transcript from the March 20 interview. Watch a video of the interview above. HUFFPOST: Thank you very […]

Here’s What The Other Justices Think Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s SOTU Snooze

The Notorious RBG’s knack for napping is apparently well-known. “They expect me to sleep,” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told The Hill when asked about her fellow justices’ reaction to her dozing off during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address in January — something she’s been caught doing in past years as […]

14 Million Syrian Kids Are Suffering As War Enters 5th Year. Here’s Who’s Helping

Sunday marks the start of the fifth year of the civil war in Syria, which has devastated the lives of some 14 million children, according to UNICEF. A country that was once the envy of the region for its stellar literacy rates is now raising a generation deprived of schooling, nutrition, shelter and hope for […]

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About What’s Going on With Bruce Jenner in One Sentence

No matter how many outlets — from trashy gossip rags to (supposedly) reputable entertainment magazines — make claims about Bruce Jenner’s current “journey,” as Kim Kardashian recently put it, citing however many anonymous sources “close to the family” (even if those sources turn out to be the family itself, which can often be the case), […]

Map: Here’s How the President’s Actions on Immigration Will Impact Your State

"Passions still fly on immigration, but surely we can all see something of ourselves in the striving young student, and agree that no one benefits when a hardworking mom is snatched from her child, and that it’s possible to shape a law that upholds our tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of […]

Map: Here’s How the President’s Actions on Immigration Will Impact Your State

"Passions still fly on immigration, but surely we can all see something of ourselves in the striving young student, and agree that no one benefits when a hardworking mom is snatched from her child, and that it’s possible to shape a law that upholds our tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of […]

Here’s A Great Way To Tell If Your Date Is A Jerk

It’s OK to put a little sexy into service. Research has shown that young people are more likely to volunteer their time if their friends join in. But a new campaign launched on Friday’s International Volunteer Day has taken that idea one step further by pushing volunteer dates. Produced by ad agency DiMassimo Goldstein, the […]

Here’s Why 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Still Thrive In America

WASHINGTON — It was a sunny and clear Tuesday morning in Knoxville, Tennessee. Sitting in the kitchen of my girlfriend’s apartment, I was eating a bowl of cereal — Honey Nut Cheerios, I still remember — and browsing the web before making the 15-minute drive to campus for class. I was looking for news about […]

Here’s a Typical Day for Parents Raising 7 Babies | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

Original airdate: November 19, 1998 You think having twins is hard? Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey had septuplets. That’s seven babies. The first set of septuplets to survive labor, the McCaugheys were miracle babies, and for a time they became media stars. While the birth itself took only six minutes, the hard work of raising eight […]

Here’s What the President Is Doing to Fix Our Broken Immigration System:

Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, the President will address the nation on the new steps he's taking to increase accountability and fix what he can in our immigration system. You can watch his address live here. As everyone knows, our immigration system has been broken for decades, and the President is doing his job to […]

Here’s What Big Oil Has In The Pipes If Keystone Fails

WASHINGTON –- TransCanada Corp., the company seeking to build the Keystone XL pipeline, has teamed up with the world’s largest public relations firm to promote a proposed alternative pipeline that’s entirely in Canada. Greenpeace Canada obtained documents that the U.S. public relations firm Edelman drafted for TransCanada that outline a campaign to promote Energy East, […]

Feel Starved for Time? Here’s a Surprising (and Easy) Solution

Photo by Scott King Although I presumably spent most of my childhood daydreaming, I seldom do it anymore. Occasionally, I’ll catch myself spacing out in the shower, just standing there, and I’ll try to hustle myself back on track, lest I waste any more time or water. Rarely do we just let ourselves stare into […]

Email from President Obama: “Here’s what’s next”

Earlier today, President Obama sent this message to the White House email list about what's next for his Administration. Didn't get it? Make sure you sign up for email updates here. Yesterday, millions of Americans cast their ballots. Republicans had a good night, and I congratulate all the candidates who won. But what stands out […]

Want To Live Longer? Here’s What You Need To Eat

As a geriatrician, the vast majority of my time is spent treating people who suffer from the afflictions of old age. These are almost always chronic in nature — heart disease, arthritis, cognitive decline, diabetes, and the list goes on. The good news is that most of the ailments I treat can be markedly delayed […]

Here’s How Americans Spend Every Minute Of Their Days

How many Americans are shopping, watching TV or working at any given moment of the day? A new interactive chart, built by e-commerce company Retale using survey data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, answers that question, depicting what Americans are doing in real time. You can also see just how routines shift along age, […]

Betsey Stevenson: “94 Years Later, Here’s Where We Are:”

Last night, White House economist Betsey Stevenson sent the email below to the White House email list, telling the story of the progress women have made since gaining the right to vote — and what's still left to accomplish. Didn't get the email? Make sure you're signed up for White House email updates. Hi, everyone […]

Here’s What Happens When An Amoeba ‘Eats’ The Brain

Last week, nine-year-old Hally Yust died after contracting a rare brain-eating amoeba infection while swimming near her family’s home in Kansas. The organism responsible, Naegleria fowleri, dwells in warm freshwater lakes and rivers and usually targets children and young adults. Once in the brain it causes a swelling called primary meningoencephalitis. The infection is almost […]

Here’s How the White House Celebrates the Fourth of July:

Tomorrow's the Fourth of July, and we're pretty excited about it here at the White House. To celebrate the holiday, the President and First Lady are inviting military heroes and their families to the White House tomorrow for a special Independence Day event, including a USO program featuring Grammy award-winning recording artist Pitbull. But you […]

Want to Realize Your Full Potential? Here’s how!

As Muhammad Ali once said: Champions are not made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them — a desire, a dream and a vision. And how true this is! Everything we are, everything we become, emerges from a place deep inside us. We each have the potential to be something […]

Here’s Why Spring Is The Best Season To Fall In Love

It’s spring and love is in the air. With all the weddings, romantic picnics and opportunities for hand-in-hand strolling, spring is really the unofficial season of love. These carefree days make it the best time for lovey-dovey overload, and here’s why … Spring is the best time to take off on a random romantic adventure. […]

Here’s How The World’s Most Brilliant People Scheduled Their Days

Alas, there are but 24 hours in a day. And when you have a seemingly insurmountable load of work, it can be a quite a challenge to even know where to start. But remember that history’s most legendary figures — from Beethoven to Beyonce — had just as little (or just as much) time as […]

Bathroom Clutter is More Than Just Messy—It’s Bad for Your Skin! Here’s What to Toss

Holding onto products and beauty tools past their prime is a recipe for more than just mess-once the due date's a distant memory, your beloved everyday essentials can become total bacteria traps. In fact, the steamy conditions in your shower are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Beauty | Women’s Lifestyle – Yahoo Shine BEAUTY […]

Yes, You Actually Can Make a Manicure Last. Here’s How.

Want to skip the chips and keep those nails looking presentable a week (or even longer) after you got your last manicure? It may sound like a recipe for disappointment, but getting that manicure to stay pretty and (nearly) perfect for days and days can be done. To find out how, Yahoo Shine went straight […]

Feeling Tired and Achy? Here’s Another Perspective to Think About

If there are two symptoms that I can say that I see the most in my clinic, it would be “fatigue” and “pain.” It seems that no matter what the initial presenting symptom the patient came in to see me for, whether it be for thyroid disease, hair loss, weight gain, insomnia or any other […]