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You’re an Over-The-Hill Golfer When…

You’re an Over-The-Hill Golfer When… They lay up on par 3s. They reek of Ben-Gay. They can be spotted six holes away in their yellow pants and white belts. And after every shot, they ask, "Did anyone see where my ball went’"They’re the over-the-hill golfers, a breed of golfer that to know is to loveA]so […]

WATCH: Jill Sobule Responds To Rand Paul With ‘When They Say We Want Our America Back’

When Rand Paul announced his candidacy for president this week, he declared his plans to help America “take our country back.” Singer-songwriter Jill Sobule has an important question for the 2016 contender: “What the fuck do you mean?” Sobule joined hosts Roy Sekoff and Marc Lamont Hill on the second episode of “The HuffPost Show” […]

It’s Not a Matter of ‘If,’ It’s a Matter of ‘When’

Here’s the truth about your big dreams and visions: It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of when. We’re not gifted with big, sometimes crazy scary dreams and visions unless we have everything we need inside of us to make it happen. Yes, sometimes there are things to learn, experience, fail at, or […]

You Know You’re 40 When…

You Know You’re 40 When… Are you almost over the hill? Know someone who is? Getting older is no fun, but it sure can be funny. How do you know when you’re approaching the big 4-0? Here are a few clues: * Comb-overs are starting to make a certain kind of sense. * A kid […]