SpyderSoft KidMail Safety for Windows PC

Protect your child from inappropriate email Product Information The Software: You are never too young to plug in to the wired world of e-communication, and KidMail Safety is the perfect way to let children as young as 5 years old join the online conversation. With 5 animated desktop themes featuring everything from dinosaurs to rocket ships, KidMail Safety allows youngsters to dress up their emails with themed icons, backgrounds, and images ready for sending. With the step-by-step primer spotlighting all the basics of sending and receiving email, and a wealth of greeting card templates awaiting your child’s creative touch, KidMail Safety software is one very special delivery system! The Service: Protecting your child from inappropriate email can be a full-time occupation, but parental peace of mind is assured when KidMail Safety is on the job. With this unique contact management service* parents can adjust, monitor, and quarantine incoming and outgoing messages to and from their child’s email address. Customize the settings to allow smooth transmission of messages to and from trusted contacts, or to totally block suspicious and potentially dangerous emails from unknown senders. And with the capability to create and service up to 10 electronic addresses, KidMail Safety is the total family email safety solution. Product Highlights 5 Communication Center desktop themes: Prehistoric Communication Center Tropical Island Communication Center Secret Agent Communication Center Haunted House Communication Center Space Age Communicator 10 Quick Message greeting card templates ready for customizing: Birthday Valentine’s Day Mother’s Day Father’s Day Get Well Soon Happy Holidays I’m Sorry Thank You A Friendly “Hi” Ideal for parents: The service holds all the child’s email for adult approval. Fun for kids: The software offers 5 themed email desktops. Windows Requirements Windows
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